Running for office? Some thoughts on process

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August 29th, 2013
Ok, you have just decided to officially run for government office (or get a ballot measure into the November election). There is so much to do! Recruit volunteers, hire a consultant, hire a professional treasurer and start fundraising. How are you going to bring all the working parts together for a successful campaign?
You know that the State of California and local governments require various reports to be electronically filed including the 410 and 460. You are aware that there are extensive reporting requirements including deadlines, no over-limit contributions, Independent Expenditure special handling etc. How are you going to keep track of all the incoming monies, outgoing expenditures, political reporting requirements and also the details about your contributors?
With 14 years of industry experience, the Political Division at the Henry Levy Group, led by Stacy Owens, has managed over 500 campaigns and currently has some of the most prestigious clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and statewide. Depending on the intended use of a software database, we can suggest which products and at which price points may make sense for you. 
Whether a committee is concerned with cost, partisan branding, contributor information capture, ease of setup and tear-down, or all of the above, our staff works with the client to decide on the most appropriate and cost effective solution available. Our staff members have acquired “expert” level experience at setting up internal systems which allow the client to track dollars from the point of contribution to their bank account, budget, and compliance reports.  We excel at leveraging technology to automate accounting and data entry tasks which would be more costly for the client if done manually.
The operations team has worked extensively with the latest fundraising and accounting software applications including Aristotle 360, NationBuilder, NetFile and Complete Campaigns among others. 
The internet offers excellent opportunities for fundraising and can reach potential contributors much faster and easier than with robo-phone calls, US Mail, and canvassing. Which online fundraising software applications are you going to use? Which ones are the easiest to use so your supporters will not have a hassle giving you their money? Which one charges the highest fee for backend processing? 
The Henry Levy Group has helped clients set up the latest online fundraising software, and their back end merchant bank processers including ActBlue, Democracy Engine, PayPal, Rally, Square and many more. Leave the details to the Henry Levy Group and your entire operation,  including fundraising, accounting and political reporting systems will work together seamlessly during the busy and exciting election season so you can concentrate on other important things like winning!
For more information on selecting and setting up software systems for political committees, contact:
Political Operations Director,  Marissa Quaranta (510) 652-1000  /