We cannot stop talking about Xero’s new accounting software -- and here are a few reasons why!

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July 2nd, 2013

With so many types of information and services moving onto the cloud, it is a small wonder that global company Xero has designed accounting software for individuals, businesses, bookkeepers and accountants. The real wonder is just how this user-friendly, multifaceted, and visually appealing product is impacting the relationships between business owners and their accountants and bookkeepers.

Xero’s open platform simplifies business management for its users. With a growing number of applications available for integration, Xero has a customizable dashboard to help you monitor payroll, inventory, bank accounts, expenses, and more at a glance. And to further help users, Xero has a built in partner network, making it easier for business owners to find, share, and consult with accountants and bookkeepers for reporting, benchmarking, and business planning.

Clients and accountants alike can say goodbye to bulky and potentially unsecure file transfers; goodbye to time and money lost to software incompatibility; goodbye to decentralized and scattered information. Whatever you need to know is readily available and the software’s intuitive interface adds ease to any task. And of course you can access your Xero account with any number of mobile devices, making real-time accounting fast and easy.

The Henry Levy Group is particularly excited to have team members who are certified partners and we have already started helping clients use Xero’s undeniably “beautiful accounting software” to meet their business needs.

For more information, principal Anthony Barr and bookkeeping manager Natascha Verandes would love to chat about the posibilities Xero may have in store for you!