Stacy Owens

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Principal, Political Division
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510-652-1000 ext. 307
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Senior Leadership
Stacy Owens leads the Henry Levy Group’s Political Treasury Division, serving candidates and committees on the local, state and federal levels. She and the rest of the Political Division team work with candidates, political consultants, fundraisers, attorneys, campaign staff and volunteers to ensure they comply with federal and state standards for political, financial and tax disclosure. Her areas of expertise include bookkeeping, political compliance and non-profit accounting. Stacy loves working with clients who have a cause and using her proficiency with numbers and accounting to help them achieve their political and social justice goals. 
A consummate networker, Stacy has a knack for connecting like-minded people and organizations. This talent benefits both her clients and her personal friends and acquaintances, who can always count on her to link them with just the people they need in any situation. Her professional affiliations include the California Association of Nonprofits and the California Political Treasurers Association, where she is currently serving as secretary. Stacy is also treasurer of the Humane Party United States and Kings Mountain Associated Parents.
Outside of her work, Stacy continues to express her commitment to animal rights and social justice causes, supporting numerous organizations and causes with volunteer efforts and financial donations. She enjoys collecting vintage dishes, clothing and purses as well as reading, especially vegan cookbooks, mysteries and other fiction based on dark humor. Stacy and her husband have three sons who range in age from 7 to 27. A lifelong resident of the Bay Area, Stacy and her family live in Half Moon Bay, CA.