Anthony Barr, CPA


Anthony Barr brings wide-ranging consulting, tax and accounting experience as a partner at the Henry Levy Group. His primary areas of focus include the real estate sector and international taxation issues, including tax reporting for foreign assets and financial activity. Anthony’s approach to problem-solving involves digging into the details as well as taking in the big picture to come up with comprehensive and sustainable solutions that fit individual client needs. His background includes consulting roles with the Center for Applied Local Research and the federal GSA Region IX Public Building System.  

Anthony is co-editor of a respected reference book on international accounting standards and a regular speaker for international tax and accounting professional audiences. He has served as pro bono advisor to an Oakland-based business incubator and their in-house startup companies, also leading a series of educational seminars and presentations to help these new business leaders reach their full potential. 

Growing up as a third-generation resident of Berkeley, CA, Anthony helped in his mother’s accounting business before earning a degree in American History from the University of Pennsylvania. When it came time to pick a career, he realized that he loved what he had been doing for so long already and entered the accounting profession. Anthony and his wife, another Bay Area native, are the parents of two young children.  

Anthony serves on the board of Oakland Field of Dreams, a nonprofit organization that built and maintains Oakland Technical High School’s new baseball field and supports the school’s baseball and softball programs as well as other surrounding neighborhood youth sports programs. He is also the Treasurer of the Rockridge District Association and Director at Bananas, Inc. In his leisure hours, Anthony enjoys lifting weights, spending time with his family and traveling. Someday he’d like to visit Serbia, where his grandfather’s family lived in generations past.